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Investing in fundraising pays off. Does your organization need to reach more clients? Develop more programs? Improve its facility? Hire more staff? The most direct route to success in each of these areas is to invest in fundraising. With more than 20 years of experience, Christoff Consulting and Coaching (c3) will create a comprehensive fundraising plan that inspires you to succeed. c3 can also execute on specific fundraising tactics. Inspired fundraising starts here.

Inspire others

Your goals are big. Are you ready to lead your community into the bold future you envision? Christoff Consulting and Coaching (c3) can lead your board and staff in strategic planning, perform a fundraising audit, or deliver training for peak fundraising performance. Let c3 help you inspire others - your staff, your volunteers, your community for success now and into the future.

Be your best self

It can be difficult to remain upbeat, confident and inspiring to others when you’re expected to do more with less - less time, less funding, less staffing than you really need. The antidote is clarity of focus, prioritizing your time, effective delegation, having a touchstone, owning your purpose. Executive coaching can help you build on your strengths to feel happier and healthier in your work and life.

"Great leaders are made not born…Vince Lombardi

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Leadership is hard work, but hard work is not enough…

“Great leaders are made not born…” Vince Lombardi Even though great leaders are made, most people receive little or no leadership training. It’s no wonder that talented people often become “lone wolves” or “expeditors” instead of effective, inspiring leaders. Neither lone wolves, nor expeditors are bad people. Some may call them emotionally unintelligent. But, even…


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I live on a big hill in Seattle. When I’m in a rut, sometimes I take a walk down the hill and get a steaming bowl of pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) for lunch. The walk back up the hill is pretty taxing but often that’s when I get inspiration or acceptance about something I’m…


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are all capable of greatness.

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Our core competencies are in leadership, coaching and planning and c3 brings that approach to all clients, regardless of the project. 





Examples may include the following

I love to develop systems customized to your particular needs. Depending on our arrangements and the nature of the work, I may also activate them, and/or coach you and your team on current and future execution so that you succeed and build on your successes.

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Dee Christoff

As a consultant and coach, Dee brings high energy, compassion and deep listening, along with truth-telling and practical solutions to help leaders and organizations meet their goals, anticipate and stay ahead of change and seek transformation in their relationships at work and in the world.

A veteran fundraising professional, Development Director, Vice President and people manager, with more than 20 years of experience, she delivers high impact fundraising plans and audits, executes on fundraising projects to...

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